Final Habitat Plan Documents

Final Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan
Cover (35k)
Title (19k)
Volume 1
Chapter 1Introduction (2.1M)
Chapter 2. Land Use and Covered Activities (5.4M)
Chapter 3Physical and Biological Resources (9.1M)
Volume 2
Chapter 4Impact Assessment and Level of Take (5.6M)
Chapter 5Conservation Strategy (5.9M)
Chapter 6Conditions on Covered activities and Application Process (3.7M)
Volume 3
Chapter 7Monitoring and Adaptive Management (883k)
Chapter 8Plan Implementation (621k)
Chapter 9Costs and Funding (2.7M)
Chapter 10. Assurances (1.1M)
Chapter 11Alternatives to Take (86k)
Chapter 12List of Preparers (17k)
Chapter 13Literature Cited (412k)
Volume 4
Appendix AGlossary (77k)
Appendix BImplementing Agreement (516k)
Appendix CEvaluation of Special-Status Species for Coverage in the Santa Clara Valley HCP/NCCP (185k)
Appendix DSpecies Accounts (22M)
Appendix ENitrogen Deposition Contribution Estimates(2.9M)
Appendix FClimate Change Analysis (227k)
Appendix GCost Model (1.5M)
Appendix HConservation Easement Template (120k)
Appendix JMonitoring at Different Levels (124k)
Appendix K. California Tiger Salamander Hybridization (60k)
Appendix L.  Fish Habitat Assemblage Data (47k)
Appendix M. Western Burrowing Owl Conservation Strategy (128k)
Appendix N. Burrowing Owl Population Viability Analysis Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan/NaturalCommunities Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP)—March 2010 (192k)
Appendix O. List of Acronyms and Abbreviations (40k)

Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement Volume I (8.1M)

Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement Volume II - Response to Comments (22.2M)

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan Development Fee Nexus Study (7M)

Exhibit A: Corrections, Clarifications and Updates to the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan (HCP/NCCP) (1.9M)

Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement (approved April 26, 2013) (1.22MB)